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Introducing CourseReelAI

Its will Build your following by creating amazing content and posting to your profiles, Create courses that educate and entertain your audience, making them want to do business with you. To Create special bonuses that boost conversions for any product you sell. To Create demo content for your products and services to convert prospects into customers easily.



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Plainly put, if you sell ANYTHING and need customers or clients, then CourseReelA.I. can help you get results without spending months creating the video content yourself. With That Being Said…Creating Video Courses Is Only Scratching The Surface When It Comes To What CourseReelA.I. Can Do. If all CourseReelAI did was create videos course in a blink of an eye, that’d be enough for you to rush and sign up this instant. But that’s only the beginning.

With CourseReelAI in your hands, you can do SO much more.

We’re talking about things like:

  • Dominate YouTube. By creating videos fast, you can build multiple channels you can monetize and collect ad revenue across multiple niches.
  • Get High Ticket Clients From Linked In, Demonstrate your expertise on video and attract the right clients with big budgets in hand.
  • Build A Responsive Email List For Profit, Create great lead magnets in a flash that entices prospects to sign up for your list while keeping them engaged with even more great video content.
  • Make Recurring Income With Patreon. Combine this with YouTube as so many other YouTuber’s do and you’ve got an ongoing income stream. Use CourseReelAI to create exclusive content for your members.
  • Flip Sites For Profit. If you have sites you’re monetizing, you can not only fill the content with informative videos using the app, but also create more videos that point back to the site, send more traffic, and later flip that site for a profit.
  • Build Buzz For Your Video Courses. Not only can you create courses inside the app, but also use ADDITIONAL videos to create major buzz and anticipation for your course launches as well.
  • Grow A Massive Following On Social Sites Like Tik Tok, FB, and others.

People LOVE videos on social media. Use fast videos inside the app and build profitable followers like a moth to a flame. Plus, when you add the topic creator, you’ll have a never ending supply of social content! Siphon Affiliate Revenue From Reddit and Forums. This one is a little underground tactic, but you could definitely create how-to videos that can get posted on sites like Reddit with a link to get the tech, fashion, or any other item. Especially in sub-reddits where people are asking for items they are looking to buy on discount! Because video is so powerful and it’s the most consumed content online, with CourseReelAI in your hands the sky’s the limit when it comes to profiting online and off.



There’s Nothing On The Market Like CourseReelAI That Lets You Create Video Lightning Fast!

And Definitely Not For The Same Price. With other apps, they tend to require you to start from scratch or come up with your own ideas from a blank canvas. Or even worse, some have a learning curve so steep, it’s like a 6 year old trying to understand calculus after learning to count on their fingers!

What you need is something that can give you results fast. Money loves speed and CourseReelAI helps you get in the money faster than any other video creation app out there by giving you a RIDICULOUS head start. Not to mention doing all the heavy lifting for you with The Course Creation Trinity Matrix.

Plus, when you look at all the other various features included in the app for the INSANELY low price, we’re sure you’ll agree that there is nothing on the market that even comes remotely close to CourseReelAI. Go ahead…we dare you to try and find it.

Take A Deeper Look Inside CourseReelAI Presenting The Course Creation Trinity


Don’t have an idea for your course? No problem. Let the Ai do the hard work for you. Simply submit a keyword and the app will go out and bring back a number of topics based upon past popular data. From there, the A.I. will actually suggest titles for you! You select one you want and then move on to the next step. This will cut your brainstorming session up to 90%! Which makes the next part of the matrix work even better


Now that you’ve got your topic, CourseReelAI will do the work of putting together the perfect outline. There’s no need for you to stumble about with notes and loads of papers, apps, and other nonsense. Simply submit your topic to the app and you’ll receive back a full fledged course outline laid out with perfection. And even then, if you want, you can tweak the parameters to get everything ready for the final part of the matrix


Now that you have your outline, the A.I. will go about its work of writing the script for each chapter of your course. It will work on every section one by one to create a cohesive video course. This won’t be a bunch of garbled nonsense that you see from other A.I. writers. By giving the A.I. 1000’s of different course metadata, it now knows how to write scripts that are incredibly informative and attractive for video courses.

Polishing & Creating The Videos

After the scripts are done, the A.I. will go about converting the scripts into slides with various images, animations, text, transitions, as well as intros and outros. And before you render the video, you’ll have total control to customize it to your liking. All of this happens without you hardly lifting a finger.



Huge Features Inside CourseReelAI

User Friendly Intuitive Dashboard

When you first log into CourseReelAI, you’ll land at the main dashboard. You’ll find everything perfectly placed exactly where you need it. With a layout so simple, it lets you get up and running quickly.

But don’t be fooled by this. Behind the simplicity lies a video creation behemoth that’s ready to get you amazing results in your business!

Create Highly Profitable Video Courses In No Time Flat

Even if you’ve never created a single video course in your life, the CourseReelAI Trinity Matrix makes this process incredibly simple. By using this special component in the app, anyone…and we do mean ANYONE can create courses ready for sale in absolutely no time. Regardless of skill or technical ability.

Create Singular Videos In Just Minutes

If you need a video for your blog, channel, social, or whatever the case may be, CourseReelAI has you covered. Simply choose one of the options below, tweak a few parameters, and you’ve got an engaging video the masses will rave over!

Create VSL For Video Courses With Total Ease

It used to be that creating vsls (video sales letters) were an absolute pain. But not anymore CourseReelAI You can let the software generate a script for you in minutes, or you can bring your own audio (see below) and have a high converting video in a flash that makes sales.

Create Courses With Your Voice

If you’ve already got ideas for your course, no problem. Just upload your recorded audio to the app and it will automatically create the video for you in a snap. Easy peasy.

Create Courses By Copy-Pasting Any Script

If you want a certain verbiage with your courses, the app can handle that too. You only need to copy the script you’ve already created for your videos directly into the app, click a few buttons, and CourseReelAI will present you with an amazing video to your liking.

Create Up To 50 Videos Per Week

Listen, we’re not stingy when it comes to our apps. That’s why we’re going to load you up with 50 videos every single week that you can produce inside the app. That’s an average of 200 videos per month. If you factor in each video costing $50 each, that’s $10,000 worth of video for just pennies!

Create Amazing Videos In Full HD Quality – Up to 15 min Length

You’ll love the fact that every video you produce in the app is of the most pristine quality. No low resolutions or videos that look blurry to your audience. These videos are clear, crisp, and ready to help you build your business and bottom line quickly.

Add Additional Video Clips in Your Videos

The app lets you import your own video clips to make every course you create unique. This is great for blending slides and various media together to create a dynamic looking course ready for the masses.

Get Paid From Every Course You Create

There’s no limit to how you can monetize your courses you create from the app. Profit from a singular course or create a membership where there are a succession of courses and earn recurring revenue in the process.

Full Right-No Watermark Included

We won’t try to get free advertising from the courses you create by including items like, “powered by, etc.” Every single video you create inside the app will represent your brand and your brand only. You’ll never have to worry about us invading your territory for free traffic and sales.

Record Your Audio Directly Inside The App

Although you can upload your audio files directly to the app, we’ve also taken it a step further by including voice recording directly in the app. Just connect your microphone to your device, start talking, and let the app create an amazing course faster than you could ever imagine!

Repurpose Old Videos To Create Better Ones

You can also take old videos you have, load them in CourseReelAI, extract the audio, and let the app create a brand new video for you! This is a great way to take old or existing videos and give them new life and remove any ‘audience’ blindness as well.

Create New Videos From Videos You Didn’t Create

If you have rights to any videos or want to tap into Creative Commons, CourseReelAI can take on that task as well. It’s perfect for extracting audio and jump starting a brand new course while working smarter at the same time.



Create Video Ads In A Flash

You can also tap into the ad industry on various platforms using video directly from the app. This is a great way to start scaling any business fast. Sometimes getting results in even 24 hours.

Auto-Voice Over Creation for Videos

Don’t want to talk in your videos? You don’t have to! The A.I. will also let you choose from attractive voices that will produce the entire voice over for you. Once again, it’s as simple as tweaking a few parameters, clicking your mouse, and letting the app do all the work. Amazing!


Yes! The app also supports these languages and will allow you to create video text and even voice overs in English, Spanish, French, and Hindi. If any of these are your native tongue then you’ll appreciate the fact that the app will help you dominate in your market’s culture. But you can also use it to create videos in other languages and take advantage of foreign markets too!

Choose from Millions of Images To Use In Your Videos

While you can bring any image you want to the party, we’ve also integrated with other stock photo sites as well. This way you can find the perfect images fast without having to jump from browser to browser or tab to tab. These aren’t a part of our personal library (see below), but will give you more options for adding a special touch to your video courses and video content created inside the app.

Access To 1000s of Background music tracks

We’re also going to give you access to 1000’s of backing tracks to make your videos perfect. These music tracks can help bring your videos to life and boost attention and conversions as well.

You can audition the tracks directly inside the app and one click add them to your project in a snap. Normally, you’d have to spend thousands on this library, but it’s included with your investment today.

Upload Your Videos Directly To Youtube

Increase your workflow by sending videos specifically made for YouTube directly to the platform. No need to download and then wait for videos to upload. Simply connect your YouTube channel to the app and you can publish a steady stream of content that’s ripe for attracting viewership and sales.

Upload Your Videos Directly To Facebook

Multiply your shares, traffic, and profits in less time than it would normally take by syndicating any video you create in CourseReelAI directly to Facebook. Great for boosting pages, groups, and even your profile to help you build your following asap.

Export Your Videos In A Snap

You can also download all your videos directly from the app to your device. This is perfect for getting videos created quickly that you may want to finish off in another platform. Even though…we feel that’s not necessary, we’ll still give you the option. (Yes, we’re jealous lol)

Publish Your Videos On Any Platform

Because you can export your videos directly, this will allow you to take your videos all over the internet. And with the ability to create videos faster than ever, you can have content posted on multiple sites, all bringing you traffic, leads, and sales…before you’ve even had your morning coffee.

Dedicated Support & Regular Update-12 months

If you ever get stuck or have any technical issues using the app over the next 12 months, we’ll make sure to fix it ASAP. We take pride in all our developed apps and CourseReelAI is no different.

You’ll never have to worry about paying today and have the software disappear in 3 months. CourseReelAI is here to stay and ready to help you make profitable courses fast!

The CourseReelAi Quick Start HQ

We want you to get results as quickly as possible so therefore, we’ve created your very own dedicated training center. This video and pdf combination will take any mystery out of using CourseReelAI and help you get out the gate with incredible speed. We don’t want a single obstacle holding back your success with the app and this training ensures that.



Special Premium Bonus Upgrade Inside CourseReelAI


We’re not only going to give you ideas of how CourseReelAI can help you create income…we’re going to show you how! That’s right. After this special launch ends, we’ll be hosting a private training where we’ll walk you step by step through learning how to use the app to generate revenue. No hypotheticals or b.s. fluff. This will be a true action packed PRIVATE training that will put you on the fast path to success with CourseReelAI. But that’s not all…


We’re also going to upgrade you to Commercial V.I.P. status when you sign up for your account today. This mean you’ll be able to sell your video creations to other businesses and keep 100% of the profits. This way, not only can you use CourseReelAI for your business, but can also use the app to build an entirely separate business if you wish! Having this option available allows you to grow your revenue exponentially! Normally, we reserve this as part of our upgraded funnel, but it’s yours at no additional cost.

Fast Action Bonuses When You Get Started With CourseReelAI Today.


Easily convert any articles into a human-like voice. Simply copy-paste your article or content, pick the access and in just a few minutes and a click of a button, download an MP3 audio with text-to-speech of your articles for free. No need to use any API key or anything like that. Turn anyone’s blog post into an audio, take that audio and convert into video and you have a brand new course ready that you can sell for $1000s using Udemy Style websites.


For traffic, you need to focus on Pinterest and with the Courseable TrafficBlaster app. With this app you will be able to automate your entire Pinterest marketing. You will be able to create boards and publish on pinterest, generating 1000s of visitors every day for free.

Bonus 3 – SEO Software Pro

Simple yet powerful software application perfect for webmasters that are interested to check rankings in Google for any given keyword. This software will help you get more traffic. Get this awesome software with AcademyPRO today!

See What Others Have To Say About CourseReelAI

“CourseReel is veryeasy to use and a refreshing way to create not just video courses but also VSL and other simple videos. I always wanted to created quickly, without the hassle of a complex desktopsoftware +1 for CourseReel.” (Venkata R – 7FIG Marketer)

“Video courses are a great way to make money online. Sharing your knowledge on other websites where people are willing pay for it is what every smart marketer has been doing lately. With CourseReel, it gets super easy to create these courses for.” (Todd Gross – Video Marketer)

CourseReelAI Facts

Its will Create & monetize courses in multiple niches, A.I. writes the ALL scripts for the videos AUTOMATICALLY. 100% Cloud based – nothing to download or install. True A.I. Trinity Matrix Does All The Heavy Lifting. App turns every script into a SEPARATE video while you sit back and relax. FREE Commercial license – sell your videos & get paid big bucks. A.I. Course Title Creator AUTOMATICALLY gives you your course topic & title fast based on your keyword or niche.

Just a few clicks and you’ve got a video course ready to sell in minutes. Export or send videos directly to Youtube & Facebook with a click of your mouse. A.I. AUTOMATICALLY gives you all the chapter outlines for your course in a blink of an eye. Upload or Record Audio in the app & have a video ready in no time. Then Turns your idea into your next big course using just a keyword.

Never Seen Before A.I. ‘Trinity’ Matrix Lets ANYONE Plan, Execute, & Create Their Very Own PROFITABLE Course With Hardly Any Effort In Just Minutes! Our TRUE In House A.I. Does The Research, Script Creation, & Video Creation While You Sit Back & Relax. Get Started Today & Have Your First Course Ready To Sell By Dinner Tonight. Works For Every Skill Level Imaginable. No Monthly Fee Required. Get It Now!!

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